رجسٹریشن اورکام کا طریقہ

How to work on PTC site

  1. After registration click on Login and give your username and password.
  2. Once you logged in click on view ads/surf ads/view advertisement/surf advertisement. The advertisement will open in a new window.
  3. Now you can see some ads below. Click on the first ad, in various sites when you clicked the ad red dot will appear you have to click on the dot to open the advertisement.
  4. This is your first ad. You can see the timer or counter running at the top of the page. In some sites when timer stops you can see letters or numbers like (A-----DFBA) and it says that click the right picture. You just have to click the right picture mean A as shown in example.
  5. You have seen your first ad. Now close the window and go back to the advertisement page and click all ads one by one with same procedure.
  6. When all ads are completed go to My Account/My Statistic. You can see there your account balance and total nos. of clicks you served.
  7. You can get clicks in every 24 hours. Don’t try to make more then one account in each site from one IP address otherwise both accounts will be suspended.
  8. You can refer the sites to your friends and family to increase your earnings. You will earn 50% of your refer work. You will find referral link in every site. You can make refers using that link. Click on promotion tools/banners to get your referral link.
  9. When the time came for payout you can requested that payout to your AP account. You can use the option withdraw/payout/cashout for payout.
  10. All PTC sites support MOZILLA FIREFOX and JAVA. Kindly install the software.

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