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There are a lot of websites in the internet that promise you a daily income with your investment. But in actual practice this doesn't happen. There are HYIPs which are of-course scam. There are very few such programs which pays you actually as said and do not vanish with time. They sustain for long. Among those, one of the best is here. After losing about $350 in online programs i found this website to which i have given my full trust after a research. And today i wanna introduce it to you all. It's high yielding but  not an Hyip. This is a cycling/marketing program. With only 20$ initially, you can make lots within a months or so. I made about $40 within 3 days of joining this site(payment proof below) and i know you guys can do even better. This is really a great opportunity for all of us.

This is my payment proof. Right now i am compounding my earnings.

Its not HYIP remember. Its an Internet Marketing Program + daily profit sharing. You have Nothing to do

only register and buy positions ($10.0 per position). you will receive fixed daily profit 2% .U will earn

thousands of dollars during this time.

( Now u can calculate how profitable is this).

If interested please read the following:
The method of investing in the site is a little bit complex. So i want you to follow the following step by step instruction to invest at the site.

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  • How to Join And work (detail)

    Click on the above provided referral link and follow the below Instructions.
    Scrolling down at the bottom of the page and click on Register a new Account. (It is advisable to register in Justbeenpaid with gmail ID).
    Provide your name , User name and password, write the turning code and submit it.
    After that a link will be sent in your email. click on the link to activate your account. (If you are not using gmail then you may receive the confirmation email in your Junk/Spam Box)

    UPGRADATION of Account:

    Then come on Main page of JBP.
    Upgrade your account (left side Under “JustBeenPaid” click at “Upgrade Your Membership”. [ You need to pay $10.0(special offer now) to upgrade your account.]
    Then new window will open, Click on “AP Logo” make payment of $ 10.0 as per Alert pay procedure. That will complete the up-gradation of your account.

    After making the upgradation come back on main page left side under “General” click on Your Payment system ID”. Write your AP account and save it.

    Now you are ready to fund your JSS Account and buy positions.


    On the main page at left side under “JSS Programs” click on JSS-TRIPLER (NEW).
    Then on new window Click Here to Go Directly to the Five JSS Programs.

    Then Click on Left Side JSS-Tripler (Launch date: 17th February, 2011)

    Then click on JSS-Tripler member Area.

    Then click on Step-2 ( Fund your JSS-Tripler Account)

    On the new window scroll down and under (NEW!!1 How- to Buy) Click at Right side “Fund Main JSS Account”

    On new window click on Enter JSS Member Area.

    Then on new window scroll down and on Step-1 click at “Fund your JSS Account”

    Then on new window scroll down upto the 5th block and Click at “Fund JSS Account”

    Then on new window write the Amount you intend to deposit and click on “proceed to the fund my Account”

    Then on new window click at Alert-Pay logo

    Then Pay the amount as per AP procedure after payment done and you are redirected to previous page then close that window

    Now refresh this link http://synergy.justbeenpaid.com/login.php?nav=financial scroll down upto 5th block where now you can see your Amount is deposited in JSS Account.

    Now we have to transfer funds from JSS Account to JSS-Tripler Account so go back on this page and refresh it.http://tripler.justbeenpaid.com/login.php?nav=financial#fundaccount

    Then scroll down on the above refreshed page and under (NEW!!1 How- to Buy) Click at Left side “Fund JSS Tripler Account”

    Then on new window write the Amount you intend to transfer from Main JSS Account to JSS Tripler Account and click on “Transfer from Main JSS Account”

    On New Window Confirm by clicking at “Fund My JSS-Tripler Account”

    After that close that window and go back tohttp://tripler.justbeenpaid.com/login.php?nav=financial#fundaccountand refresh it to see the transferred amount in your Tripler account.

    Now after refresh that page you can see the Money currently available in your JSS Tripler Account.

    Now you are Ready to Buy Positions; so scroll down the same page and click at “Buy JSS-Tripler Positions”

    On new window write the No. of Position you intend to Buy and then Click at “Proceed with my Order”
  • If you have any kinds of query please comment below with your question, i will help you or you could sent me your queries at my facebook email
  • ( zeniemo@facebook.com ) or ( ptcjob.tk@gmail.com )


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